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The Lullaby House is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization. Our mission is to assist youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, or homelessness; and to provide resources to ALL families in crisis as to inspire and promote generational change. Services are provided via our licensed residential maternity home for pregnant/parenting teen moms and their babies, or our Community Care Program.

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 The Need.

The Lullaby House Community Care Program exists for 15 year old Alanna.  Alanna was in 9th grade and a straight-A student. She met her boyfriend Riley in honors math class, and they started dating. 

I know I was young to be having sex but I wasn’t alone – most of my crowd of friends were in relationships and having sex and we were in love.” 

My life was over, my hopes of going to college and my dreams of traveling the world were shattered!”

Sadly, Alanna is not alone…

In 2022 over 647 teens mothers and their babies were in CPS (Child Protective Services) custody. 

DFPS Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

This is why we exist. 

The Lullaby House residential program is for pregnant and parenting teens in the foster care system and their children. Young moms get support both when they are pregnant and once they give birth.

The goal of the home is to support young women and teach them how to parent and break the cycle of poverty to live with hope and dignity.

Where Do You Even Start?

“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass

This is not a quick fix. It takes a long-term, multi-year commitment to raise teen moms and their babies to achieve a healthy life into responsible mature adults—productive citizens of good character.

The Lullaby House has a proven, replicable home framework structured and organzied for what that entails.

Foundation of Family

The Lullaby House

  • 1 of 3 maternity homes, currently open, licensed in the state of Texas/CPS (Child Protective Services), for ages 13 to 23, for care of pregnant teens, teen moms and their babies in CPS custody
  • A true home environment, not a large institutionalized dormitory environment/treatment center—We MODEL HOME
  • Small number of age and emotionally appropriate mix of mamas and their babies in each home
  • Important one-on-one attention, guidance via individualized programs and services, therapy, medical and dental care as needed in any home
  • Foundation for a stable transition from teen to mature, responsible adulthood as a parent—breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence on social services for the future generations

Future Plans

Development of The Lullaby Village is to further support the growth and transition from teen moms in the home, to mature, responsible adulthood as a parent, living independently with a living wage.

The Lullaby House Community Care Program

This program has 2-branches of community support

    1. Provides support for teen parents in the community with many of the same services as the residents in The Lullaby House Maternity Home
    2. Provides support for those families in need in the community with material assistance (diapers, wipes, formula, etc.) for newborns to 3-years old and parenting classes

The Extent of Teen Pregnancy in Texas

  • In 2020, Dallas had the highest teen birth rate of any major city.
  • In 2021, Texas had over 600 parenting/pregnant teens in foster care. 
  • Dallas has 12 zip codes with the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.
  • Texas ranks number one in repeat births among teens 15-19. 
  • In Texas, for every 1,000 girls aged 15-19, 25.3% will give birth.
  • Only about 5% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by 22 years of age. (, 2021)
  • CDC reported in 2021, that teen pregnancy costs U.S. taxpayers, about $11 billion per year.
    • Costs include public health care, participation in child welfare, and a pipeline to incarceration.

Teen pregnancy is a plight that causes feelings of shock, anxiety, isolation, and fear, coupled with anger, guilt, and denial. This ultimately has a negative impact on the future of teen parents. This is not just a personal difficulty but a community calamity that impacts generations.

“We want to build strong families by bridging necessary gaps and by ultimately impacting two generations.”

Resources—All Things Baby.

The Lullaby House is your full-service resource for all things baby for ALL families in need. We provide education, physical resources, and safe housing for at-risk and homeless teen mamas and their children under 3 years old.

Daily Needs

For Babies and Parents



Licensed Residential Maternity Home for pregnant teens, teen moms and their babies in CPS custody and Community Care Programs, Classes, and Material Assistance

Donation Drives

Community Collection of Diapers, Personal Care, Clothing, Toiletries, Accesories, Fundraisers, etc.


Administrative, Operations, Special Events, Donation Drives, Fundraisers, etc.

Future Plans & Expansions

The Lullaby House has 2 future expansion plans.

1. The Lullaby House has an innovative pilot program with the framework ready to replicate The Lullaby House home model.

2. The Lullaby House is licensed to care for teen moms and their babies from age 13 to 23. Guidance for teen moms as they transition to young adults is crucial to ensure they have a stable foundation to move forward in their lives. Development of The Lullaby Village is to further support the growth and transition from teen moms in the home, to mature, responsible adulthood as a parent—living independently with a living wage.

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RESIDENTIAL: To provide pregnant or parenting teens with a safe and supportive home and services.

COMMUNITY: To provide ongoing assistance to ALL families in need.

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